Frequently Asked Questions

What is Asaan Tax?

Asaan Tax is a kind of ERP software which offers end to end accounting solution.

Why do I need this software?

It will help you grow in your business by minimizing the need for hiring additional manpower and reducing the turn around time of the accounting assignments. Additionally, the software helps in minimizing any confusion regarding the filing issues of GSTR form.

Is it for the individual or the enterprises?

This software has been devised solely for the enterprises. Individuals will not be able to acquire benefits from it

Who will install the software?

Our team of experts will be at your place to install the software.

Do I need to register to Asaan Tax?

Yes, you will need to register to Asaan tax with your personal and professional information.

How about after sale service?

We offer after sale service. However, the first three services are for free. After that you will have to pay for the servicing.

Do I have to pay anything for registration?

No, you will not have to pay any amount for registration. However, you will need to pay some amount to buy the software

Does it come with a users’ manual?

Though it is a user friendly website, you will get Asaan Tax guide on the Asaan Tax’s website. The manual in available online and you can access it anytime.

Who are the developers of the software?

A team of expert web developers have joined force with a team of tax professionals to develop the software.

I live in the rural area. Will be able to assistance of Asaan Tax?

We have a team dedicated to the task of assisting the traders of rural area. In case, you have any confusion, you can get in touch with us through our website’s Contact Us page. Someone from our side will get back to you.